1099 Employee Group Insurance

Do you have multiple 1099 employees but very few full-time W-2 employees? If you give or receive 1099s instead of a W-2 every year, you have likely never been able to take advantage of group benefits. The alternative, 1099 combined with W-2 employees group policies, could be the answer to excellent, affordable health insurance coverage.

Group Insurance for All Employees

Group benefits are far less expensive than individual health insurance. The coverage is generally better, with more provider choices and pre-existing conditions and age do not carry as much weight. Qualifying for health insurance coverage is not a question, it’s a given, and that is a relief to people with chronic health concerns and dependents.

Some of the professionals & employees who could benefit from 1099 group insurance policies include:

  • Real estate agents
  • Engineers
  • Truck Companies & Independent Operators
  • Accountants
  • Hair stylists
  • Contractors
  • Consultants
  • Out of State Employees

1099 group policies have offerings such as:

  • HSA compatible plans.
  • Multiple copay plan options.
  • Dental and Vision insurance options.
  • Eligibility for part-time 1099s.
  • 100 percent of preventive care covered.
  • Low-deductible health plans.
  • No Limits
  • Maternity
  • Air & Ground Ambulance Benefits
  • Disability Income Options
  • Accident Policy

Leave It to the Insurance Experts

Group health insurance is complicated. The administration of a plan requires experience and comprehension of all policies and guidelines. Choose Nassau Bay Agency to aid you in identifying, procuring, and administering your 1099 group insurance policy in many states. The plans we offer are up to 50 percent less expensive than individual plans a choice of national PPO networks.

If you are a 1099 enterprise, you don’t have the spare time to dedicate to insurance plan management. The Nassau Bay Agency does the work for you. Initial and annual enrollments, billing and claims resolution, and any insurance matters will be managed through our administrative team.

Allow us to help you identify competitive plans and options for your 1099 employee needs but under a 1099 group insurance umbrella. Contact us today to get connected with a dedicated benefits consultant.

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