Employers’ Group Health Funding Advantage

We offer a suite of self-funded health benefit plan designs nationwide for small to mid-size businesses with five or more employees. Additionally, we offer simplified underwriting for groups with 51 to 150 enrolled employees. We can serve multiple locations and can accommodate up to four plans for each employer.

We believe all businesses – regardless of size – deserve affordable, tailored, health benefit plan designs that match their needs, meet business goals, and help employees thrive. Customers rave about our service, caring approach, and unmatched knowledge and experience in self-funding.

We offer national PPO networks, such as Aetna Signature Administrators® (ASA) PPO Network and Cigna® PPO Network2, and regional networks.

Get started with our free Employee Census form

Insurers use an “employee census” to obtain specific information to estimate the health care costs your group is likely to incur.

In order to provide you with a rate quote, we ask you to complete the census form linked below and return it to us via email or fax (281-333-4829). This form requires the following information for each of your employees:

  • Name
  • Age or date of birth
  • Number of dependents
  • Zip code

Download free census form

Set up a Section 125 Plan to Help Your Company Save Money

Every year, Section 125 plans save employees and employers millions of dollars through pre-tax salary deductions to pay premiums for health insurance. Also known as a premium-only or cafeteria plan, it can be expanded to include excepted and supplemental benefit premiums, flexible spending arrangements, and health savings accounts.

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Options for 1099 Employee Insurance

Do you have multiple 1099 employees but very few full-time W-2 employees? If you give or receive 1099s instead of a W-2 every year, you have likely never been able to take advantage of group benefits. The alternative, 1099 combined with W-2 employees group policies, could be the answer to excellent, affordable health insurance coverage.

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