Home Health Coverage for Peace of Mind

Sometimes having the freedom to choose where, when, and how you recover from an unexpected accident or illness is all you need for comfort and peace of mind. The market for home care is exploding thanks to baby boomers becoming seniors and the need for lower-priced alternatives to institutional care.

The number of Americans over age 65 is expected to rise from 56 million in 2020 to 84 million in 2050, and 40% of such adults will need daily assistance (1).

Plan now for the unexpected later

Whether working or retired, it’s important to consider and plan for the impact that rising healthcare costs for hospital stays and at-home recovery could have on you and your family’s finances. Even those who lead a healthy lifestyle may be at risk of experiencing an unexpected health issue requiring the need for therapy and rehabilitation.

You should have choices

Medicare has restrictions and limitations on what it will cover for skilled home care assistance. Unfortunately, seniors mistakenly believe that Medicare covers the entire recovery period at home. It does not. Out-of-pocket costs can be expensive for accidents or illnesses with long recovery times (2). Home Care Plus insurance plans can help you recuperate at home by covering physical, speech, and respiratory therapies, and other medically necessary treatments.

Benefits paid directly to you

You decide how to spend the Home Care Plus benefits. Benefits are paid directly to you, or a medical provider that you designate, and are paid in addition to any other health care coverage, including Medicare. The benefits and premiums for these plans will vary based on the plan options selected.

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