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Life insurance can help you and your family be prepared if you are faced with serious medical situations or death. Purchasing term insurance is one of the easiest and most affordable ways you can financially protect your family.

Death Benefit

The death benefit of Ameritas FLX Living Benefits Term can provide a key resource for your family if you die prematurely. It can help your family avoid making major changes like selling your family home, switching schools or changing their lifestyle. Typically your family won’t owe any income taxes on this money–one of the many valuable benefits of having life insurance.

Living Benefits

There are many unexpected events besides death that, if not properly prepared for, could cripple a family’s finances in a hurry. So, in the event of a critical, chronic, or terminal illness, your policy has an accelerated death benefit rider that will protect you and your family by providing a portion of your policy’s available death benefit. This living benefit option will give you access to money while you are alive and when you may need it most. These living benefits are automatically included in your policy at no additional premium charge.

It costs less than you might think

Most Americans (80%) overestimate the cost of term insurance.* Your premiums are based on your age, how healthy you are and how long you want your insurance to last. If you qualify, you can purchase up to $300,000 of life insurance protection with no physical exam or lab work. Larger amounts are available with a few simple tests and an in-person health interview, scheduled at your convenience.

* Life Insurance Ownership in Focus U.S. Household Trends, LIMRA, 2016.

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