Set up a Section 125 Plan to Help Your Company Save Money

What is a Section 125 plan?

Every year, Section 125 plans save employees and employers millions of dollars through pre-tax salary deductions to pay premiums for health insurance. Also known as a premium-only or cafeteria plan, it can be expanded to include excepted and supplemental benefit premiums, flexible spending arrangements, and health savings accounts.

These plans are valuable, simple to set up, and easy to maintain. All the IRS requires for an employer-sponsored group health and benefit plan to be eligible for this tax-advantaged treatment is that the employer have a simple “written plan document” administered and on file.

If you’re an employer-sponsor of a group health plan for 1 or more employees, and you want to know all you can about the Section 125 plan, you’ve come to the right place. As the country’s leading provider of affordable plan documents for over 20 years, Core Documents is happy to offer answers to your questions through our list of frequently asked questions, videos, brochures, and more.

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Section 125 Plan Document package $99

The IRS requires a Section 125 Plan Document so that employees can pay for health premiums, FSA contributions, and other group benefits with tax-free payroll deductions. Employers save an average 8% to 10% in payroll taxes, too.

Save Big with Tax-Free Group Life & Health Insurance Premiums at Work

  • $99 one-time fee in PDF via email*
  • $149 one-time fee in PDF email* + Deluxe Binder via USPS

Core Documents provides employers with everything they need to establish an IRS- and DOL-compliant Section 125 benefits plan in PDF format for just $99. This cost reflects a one-time setup fee, not an annual charge.

For an additional $50, employers can choose the Deluxe Binder option that includes the PDF email version plus a printed plan document in a 3-ring binder (shipped via USPS).

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